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Esther Beaton is an award-winning nature photographer who has spent 30 years photographing in remote regions of Australia, discovering its unusual wildlife, amazing flora and interesting people.

"I make sure that all the technical and artistic elements harmonize with a subject to bring out its essence and beauty."


Hunting in National Parks? Er, I don't think so.


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Workshops at the Australian Garden Show!

The big Garden Show is happening at Centennial Park, Sydney        4-7 September 2014.

I've been asked to present a series of workshops there. These will be really special. If you'd like to book either a Fine Art Photography workshop or Macro Workshop, you can read more and register online at australiangardenshowsydney.com.au/tickets/photography-workshops. You can also come by The Aperture Club stand where'll I'll be in person. Come by and have a chat! 

And more...

There will still be Day Safaris later in the year. Foto Riesel will be posting those on their website soon.

Have a look at what we did last year to get a taste of what's in store.


"I just looked at your website and it's beautiful. We would love to use your images for any future stories for Science. We are always looking for a great science source."
Soo-Jeong Kang, The New York Times, Picture Editor

"You have taken some wonderful images. How do you do it! I have spent quite a while going through them and this one is my choice for the hero image. I hope that you agree. It has mystery, power and that, 'how did she do that?' look."
Peter Cocklin, Business Development Manager Professional, Kodak (Australasia)

"Your photography is just stunning. We trolled through a lot of photos for our ATM card and they didn't have the same edge. The word we like to use for our advertising is 'spirit or spirited' – a little gasp would be nice when you look at an image. And that's what we were getting with your photos."
Raquel Jackson, Queenslanders Credit Union